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Anime Club Schedules for Fall 2016

Schedules for Fall 2016

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Schedules for previous semesters can be found in the archives. You can also search for titles that we’ve shown in the past.

Where and When?

Showings normally begin at 7:00 PM and last until around midnight, with a roughly hour-long break period beginning at around 8:45 to 9:00. (See a specific week’s schedule for details.)

Starting in the Summer 2017 semester, and continuing at least for the near future, we are meeting in Painter Hall (PAI). (Our old building of many years is under a multi-year renovation project and is not available for use.) We are currently (Spring 2018) meeting in PAI room 4.42. If you haven’t attended recently (or even if you have!), please be sure to come to the correct location!

If you’re a visitor to campus and plan to park a vehicle here, check out UT’s parking information for visitors. Be aware, though, that there is little to no free parking on campus; you might be better off parking someplace off campus and walking in from there. If you’ll be walking home after the meeting and want accompaniment for safety, UT’s SURE Walk program can provide volunteers to walk with you; see their site for more details. There is also a SURE Ride program, providing rides home for those who live off-campus.

Exceptions: Late Starts, Room Changes, etc.

Sometimes our usual room isn’t available, or we’re required to start later than usual, typically because a class has scheduled an exam or study session in the room before us. (Professors are also able to pre-empt our reservation and take the room away from us, even up to the day of the event; it’s not very nice, but it happens sometimes.) Check a given week’s schedule or the front page for any exceptions or last-minute changes/relocations. We also post warnings ahead of time on the mailing list whenever possible.

Screening Details

All showings are free and open to the public!

All schedules are tentative and are subject to change. In the event of a change in the schedule, we’ll do our best to notify members via the mailing list.

The current week’s schedule (as well as the following week’s) are sent out via the email list each week, usually on the night before the screening. Special announcements such as room or time changes, special events, etc. are also included in these announcements. We also post these sorts of updates here on the web site; so it’s always best to check your email and/or the web site before each meeting, in case any last-minute changes have occurred. (There have been times when we arrived to find that our regular building was closed down due to a fire/explosion/toxic spill or other dire event. We do meet in the Chemistry building, after all….)

Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled programs are shown in Japanese audio with English subtitles. Typically we show a dorama or other live-action Japanese program during the break period, for a bit of variety.

On most weeks, the first program of the evening is known as the “random slot,” which we change out every couple of weeks. We use this slot to showcase short-run series or to get a sample of a series that didn’t make it into the lineup but that might be added as a “regular” in an upcoming schedule. The remainder of the shows each evening are generally kept consistent throughout the semester, so you can be accustomed to the program order and know when to arrive (or leave) if you have certain shows that you especially want to see (or not).

During the break period, which typically lasts about 45 minutes, we have the lights up and encourage socialization (and library access); this is also a great time to dash out to get dinner, if needed. During the rest of the evening, though, we have the lights down and strive to maintain a theater-like environment. You’re always free to come and go at any time, but please try to do so quietly, and please don’t heckle, talk loudly, or otherwise act noisily during a show. Thank you!